Job Outlook: Industrial Maintenance and Machine Repair

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  • SEEK Careers/Staffing is a top recruiter for the Industrial Maintenance and Repair field
  • 80% of SEEK positions are in the manufacturing industry
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And, did you know that the United States government awards more than a half million dollars in scholarships and grants to support manufacturing education curriculum? How about the fact that 600,000 skilled jobs in the United States are unfilled? These numbers may come as a surprise, but they are the shocking reality of the skilled labor gap in manufacturing. Many jobs open in manufacturing are in Industrial Maintenance and Repair.

A career in Industrial Maintenance and Machine Repair is a challenging and fast-paced way to earn a living. Industrial Machinists play an important role at their companies. They are the go-to people when it comes to keeping machines in good working order. They fix the small problems before they become large problems. Technical, troubleshooting, mechanical and manual dexterity skills are must haves in this line of work.

Staffing companies such as SEEK Careers/Staffing have been on the forefront of manufacturing recruiting for over 40 years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of Industrial Machinery Mechanics and Industrial Maintenance workers is expected to grow 19 percent. Industrial Maintenance and Machine Repair personnel earn competitive salaries and benefits. Common job titles filled by SEEK Careers/Staffing consultants are Industrial Machine Mechanic, Maintenance Manager, Industrial Machine Technician and Maintenance Technician.

Life on the job requires a keen attention to detail. Detecting minor issues and reading technical manuals are not tasks for the over lookers. Many Industrial Machinists are employed full time during regular business hours. Since machines can break down unexpectedly, Industrial Mechanics can be on call and required to work some weekends.

There are a few options for snagging one of these jobs. Most employers require a high school diploma or GED certificate. However, it does not hurt to receive training in industrial technology in mechanical drawing, blueprint reading, computer programming or electronics. Employers are also seeking workers who wear many hats. This means having knowledge in more than one area will land you a job quicker. These areas include hydraulics, electronics, electricity and computer programming. It’s time to think outside the cubicle when it comes to choosing a career.

Visit the SEEK Careers/Staffing website for a listing of open Industrial Machine Maintenance and Repair positions. Be sure to have an updated resume handy. We’re looking forward to seeing what you Jacks and Jackies of all trades have to offer.

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